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From start to finish:
Our digital solution delivers seamless experiences for organizers, athletes, and judges

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An exceptional user experience, paired with pre-set suggestions, simplifies the process of creating and publishing a competition.

We don’t use papers.

Using paper for any kind of management is for dinosaurs. Yet many competitions still have Judges check the paper, then the main administrators fill out all the information again in the system.

All in App. All in Web.

Create the competition on an app or website, as you like.

Results. Superfast.

With our digital system, whatever the judges do on the field is instantly visible on the leaderboard. Literally.

The New Experience to
Fitness Competitions
Organisers, Athletes & Judges

The New Experience to
Fitness Competitions
for Organisers, Athletes & Judges

A digital platform for functional fitness that has been missing. ✅ No data entry.
✅ It's all digital.
✅ No waiting for the score.
✅ It’s all live.

Competitions of any scale.
Managed with comfort.

Simplify the way you organise competitions with our cutting-edge interface. Enjoy an user experience  like no other, with a complex system that feels effortless to use.

Our dark and light mode options will suits any preference, and our team of designers with experience at Google and Nike ensures that you're getting the best of the best.

Bring a new level of energy
to your club/gym with fun,
competitive events.

Our solution provides not only effective management, but an exciting experience for your community.

Creating events for club members to engage in and participate in can pose a challenge. However, for the club to become a well-known "hot spot", it's important to shake things up and challenge members to move beyond their comfort zones and compete with one another.

Challenge your friends to
compete against you.
From Anywhere. Anytime

No matter where you're located, you'll be able to track your position on the leaderboard in real-time during the workout.

Each time Athlete do a repetition, an assistant taps the screen. By tapping the screen, the result goes straight to our server, updating the leaderboard instantly.

Assessing your fitness level among friends or people you admire can be a fulfilling experience. But it can be challenging to make it an exciting one when you're not together in person. circle21 has got you covered. Our unique feature will amaze you.

A Good Judge is the
one with the Right tools.

A Good Judge is the
one with the Right tools.

Judges, this is for you! ❤️

Judges can relax during workouts with our mobile App, which provides all necessary information, including the athlete's name, upcoming movement, rep count, and WOD duration. Judges simply tap once the set is finished, and all the information they need is right at their fingertips.

Say goodbye to the hassle of online judging with our all-new system. You'll have complete control over athletes' videos, with the ability to add comments, provide extra time, and eliminate the need for repetitive viewings. All of these features are housed in one convenient platform, seamlessly connected to the athletes.

Be A
Game Changer
for Athletes.

Thanks to a centralized profile that tracks all events, a fair and transparent judging system, and real-time updates to the leaderboard through an automated results submission process, athletes now have a tool that will excite and challenge them to participate in events and strive for higher fitness goals.

Virtual Competitions that Athletes wanted.

Athletes often have to juggle multiple responsibilities during online events, such as recording themselves, counting reps, uploading videos, etc. With circle21, the process is made effortless.
Record your workout and tap to submit. No extra apps or services required.

Making On-Site Competitions Transparent & Exciting

With Self Check-in Athletes can skip the queue and check in instantly.

Workout schedule Integrated into the app, allow athletes to see their upcoming workouts and competitions, as well as be notified  whenever changes in the schedule happen.

Tracking statistics After each workout makes it easier for athletes to prepare for the next competition.

Keep Athletes Informed with the Right Communication Channel

Utilise the appropriate channel to keep your participants informed.
Whether it's announcing workout of the day (WODs), changes to the schedule, updates on new sponsors, or increases to the awards budget, athletes deserve to be notified.
Coming Summer 2023

Spectators Deserve to Understand the Game better.

Experience the excitement of fitness events like never before with our cutting-edge technology. No more waiting for updates on your athlete's starting time or position on the leaderboard - stay on top of the action at all times.

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